Thursday, February 26, 2009

Easter Bonnets on Parade

Welcome to
"Easter Bonnets on Parade"
This is a fun contest I am having, to help us all be inspired for "Spring"!
Beginning Sunday, March 1, 2009
send photos of your Easter Bonnet Creations to
Make them Vintage...Shabby....Traditional...or whatever you want
just be "Creative"!
I will post them here at
Please include your blog link or website link for
me to post along with your photo! Those that visit
will want to see more of your wonderful creations!
There will be voting, prizes and lots of fun....stay tuned for more details!
Entry deadline: Friday, March 27, 2009

Be the First to send a photo of your Easter Bonnet Creation to
and win your choice of a
White and Pink Bunnie or a Chocolate Bunnie with Pink Trim!
Good Luck and Best Wishes, Bobbie


  1. Do we need to send on March 1st--or just "starting" march first?

  2. Oh Bobbie!! I think I'm pretty dense! Somehow, I read this post and thought I had to sell bits and bobbles in my Lolli~shop in order to enter??? How I deduced that from reading your entire blog, I'll never know!!!

    I want to play and am relieved that I still have 7 days before the contest is over! Phew!

    I'm off to create! I adore Easter Bonnets!