Saturday, March 21, 2009

I received this entry into the Easter Parade from Cyndee of Sew Granny Sew and couldn't resist posting all of these wonderful bonnets. The email I received is below...I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.
Hi, Thanks for making available an online "Easter Parade". My name is Cyndee and I create under the name"Sew Gra nny Sew". I have a brick and mortar and also a website - but the website is under construction. I created several little girls straw bonnets - flower, tulle, and organdy ribbon adorned, for a themed community function being held tomorrow (Mar 22). I have offered these bonnets for several years and they are sooo popular. I remember my sister and I wearing matching Easter outfits in the 50's - white organdy dress, navy trimmed in white linen coat, black mary jane shoes & white nylon cuffed socks, and white floral bonnet. These were purchased bonnets, but when we started school we made our own Easter bonnets for the yearly parade and competition We used whatever we could find for the hat base, but if we located a sombrero we thought we were the luckiest kid in school because it could hold so much "stuff" on the brim - plastic straw, eggs, peep chicks, jelly beans, bunnies, whatever we could get to hang on for dear lifes sake [nothing alive of course - I don't think :)]

I have attached several pics of this years 2009 line of bonnets - you can use whichever pics you want - my favorite is the multi-floral that goes all the way around the brim - I also adore the tulle and ribbon poufs and bow with streamers in the back. I thought you and your fellow bloggers may enjoy looking at them as much as I have enjoyed admiring those that have been posted so far. Cyndee - Sew Granny Sew
How many of us remember the same
things that Cyndee wrote about. Mary Janes, White socks or tights if it were cold, Bonnet and of course the matching gloves. My Favorite dresses always had the dress coat with the sleeveless dress.

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  1. The Easter bonnets are so pretty